Flavor Physics and CP Violation 2010

Welcome in Torino!

Crossed by the River Po and surrounded by the Alps, Torino is a city where past and present, history and modernity live together in perfect harmony.

Ancient cafés, monuments, castles and historical residences all clearly avow its glorious past of first capital of newly united Italy. Its liveliness and cultural drive are unmistakable expression of Torino’s new face as a European dynamic center as much in technology as in science and art.

Experiencing Torino also means tasting top-notch wines and cuisine: strolling around the Quadrilatero Romano or going for a ride in the hills are all fantastic suggestions to discover old and new atmospheres.

Tourist informations on Torino:


Restaurants are everywhere, in the center, in the hills, in the historical neighborhoods and they are a very good excuse for spending time in Torino. Cuisine in Piemonte is a perfect blend between old tradition and trendy flavors up to evoke strong emotions especially when combined with local red wines. See: and

The organizers will provide a list of suggested restaurants in different price ranges.

There are many interesting museum in Torino:


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