Flavor Physics and CP Violation 2010

Social events


Welcome Cocktail, May 25 at 18:30

Excursion: May 27 11:00-18:30

We'll visit "La Venaria Reale" and the "Sacra di San Michele". From the conference centre we'll go by bus to "La Venaria Reale", a 45 minutes trip. La Venaria Reale, is one of the residences of the Savoia Family (Italy Royal family until 1946) devoted to "hunt and pleasure". Now it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and we'll visit "the Reggia" and the garden. We'll have boxed lunch at the garden (weather permitting, but chances of rain at end of May are low).

sacra di san michele sacra di san michele sacra di san michele

After lunch we'll transfer to the "Sacra di san Michele", one hour by bus. Sacra di San Michele is an old Benedictine abbey built on the top of Mount Pirchiriano in the X century. Was one of the most famous Benedictine abbeys in northern Italy and is one of the greatest architectonic buildings in Europe among those dating back to the Romanesque period. In addition the view of the Alps is magnificent, there are many summits over 3000 meters high in view. Finally the bus will take us back to the Conference Centre in Torino in a little over one hour.

sacra di san michele sacra di san michele sacra di san michele

Social dinner at the "Museo Nazionale del Cinema" (National Cinema Museum) May 28, 18:30 - 23:00

We'll first have a guided visit of the Museo Nazionale del Cinema from 18:30 to 20:00. The Museum is one of the most important of its kind in the world thanks to it vast collection and the many different scientific and educational activities it carries out. But what makes it truly unique is its special exhibit setup. The museum is located inside the Mole Antonelliana, a bizarre and fascinating monument which is the symbol of the City of Torino. And the various areas inside the Mole Antonelliana were the starting point for the Swiss set designer François Confino who, with talent and imagination, multiplied the museum's itineraries. He created a spectacular presentation that offers visitors continuous and unexpected visual and acoustic stimuli, just like when we watch a film that involves and moves us. Then we'll dine in "Caffe' Cabiria". Plan is to offer a taste of Torino cuisine, but some vegan and vegetarian dishes will be available. During dinner, the panoramic lift of the Mole Antonelliana will be available to us.The lift was renovated in 1999 and now takes visitors up to the "small temple" and the extraordinary 360° view from its balcony over the city and the amphitheatre of the Alps. The ride in the transparent crystal cabin lasts 59 seconds as it ascends through the center of the cupola. There are no intermediate floors between the lift's departure point at the 10 meter level and its arrival point, 85 meters higher up.

museo del cinema mole

Accompanying persons: if someone is accompanying you and will attend the social activities, please send a message to Welcome cocktail and the excursion will be free of charge for accompanying persons; while there will be a charge of 50 Euros for the social dinner. All social activities are included in the conference fee for partecipants.

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