Flavor Physics and CP Violation 2010


The listed hotels are within walking distance from the conference venue and they have accepted to offer a reduced rate at the conference partecipants. Please contact the hotel to make your own reservation and mention FPCP 2010 conference to obtain the special rate. Prices below are per night and per room. We recommend to make your hotel reservation as soon as possible because May is a busy time in Torino.

Via Lagrange, 47 Tel. 011/5176756 fax 011/5176305
Single room Euro 105.00
Double room, single occupancy Euro 110.00
Double room, double occupancy Euro 135.00
Breakfast included

STARHOTEL MAJESTIC **** Vittorio Emanuele II, 54 Tel. 011/539153 fax 011/534963
Single room euro 120.00
Double room euro 150.00
Breakfast included

Via N. Costa, 4 Tel. 011/5611909 fax 011/5611806
Single room standard/de luxe euro 135.00 / 160.00
Double room, sigle occupancy std/dl euro 150.00 / 170.00
Double room, double occupancy std/dl euro 190.00 / 220.00
Breakfast and SPA access included

TOWN HOUSE 70 ****
Via XX Settembre, 70 Tel. 011/19700003 fax 011/19700188
Single room euro 150.00
Double room euro 170.00
Breakfast included

HOTEL GENIO *** Vittorio Emanuele II, 47 Tel. 011/6505771 fax 011/6508264
Single room euro 100.00
Double room, single occupancy euro 112.00
Double room, double occupancy euro 138.00
Breakfast included

Via Sacchi, 14/b Tel. 011/5629400
Single room euro 90.00
Double room, single occupancy euro 100.00
Double room, double occupancy euro 120.00
Breakfast included

Via Guarini, 2 Tel. 011/5612120 fax 011/5623160
Single room euro 80.00
Double room euro 120.00
Breakfast included

HOTEL ROMA E ROCCA CAVOUR *** Carlo Felice, 60 Tel. 011/5612772 fax 011/5628137
Single room euro 85.00
Double room euro 115.00
Breakfast included

Hotel Amadeus & Teatro ***
Via Principe Amedeo, 4 bis tel 011/8174951 fax 011/8174953
Single room euro 78
Double room euro 100
Breakfast included

There is a limited number of low cost rooms available in the Student residences of the University of Torino, some of them within walking distance. These rooms must be booked for 6 nights (May 24 - May 30).
Single room: Euro 26.67
Double room: Euro 34.66
To book those rooms, please contact the organizers as soon as possible by sending an email to with "University Residences" in the subject.
                                Email: Fabrizio Bianchi, Lorenzo Zamprotta               © Lorenzo Zamprotta